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      melamine sponge kitchen brush

      • Item Num :YMS-19
      • Shipping Port :Shanghai
      • MOQ :5000

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      Product Details

      material:melamine sponge+PU sponge+plastic handle  
      name:magic brush 
       feature:just need water will remove permanent and stubborn stain;Eco-friendly  new light material ;great helper for your household cleaning,really magic sponge! very convenient  
       with a handle.  

      commendatory uses:

      Glasses, mirrors (uncoated), ceramics, enamel, stainless steel, and non-glossy plastics, office equipment(except screen) etc   

      non-commendatory uses: 

      Resin type products, coated surfaces, car exteriors, woods, lacquer wares, absorbent surfaces,  glossy plastics, screen etc.

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